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Sue Schacter, MSc(A), SLP(C), Reg. CASLPO

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Reading, talking and learning other languages have been central to my life. I have always wanted to help others and especially enjoyed working with children but I wasnít sure how I was going to accomplish that goal. Learning other languages illustrated for me how intertwined personality is with communication. In a new language, I could not express myself as well as in my first language and I also didn't feel quite myself. This prompted me to think about the experience of children who are having challenges in their first or only language. When I found Speech-Language Pathology I was thrilled that all my interest, passions and skills connected in one career. As a Speech-Language Pathologist I have the skills and training to work with children and families to support increased communication skills and confidence. I love that kids can have fun playing, eating snack, washing their hands and be changing their futures all at the same time. Meanwhile parents can learn that by using a few tips and tricks they can make communication part of the million things they already do for their children everyday and then they donít need to find more time in their already hectic lives. For 10 years I worked with preschool children and their families predominantly in a clinic setting. It has been an amazing 10 years working with hundreds of clients and being a part of their positive changes. Now I offer convenience to families by coming to them.


Sue Schacter:
Sue graduated with a Masters of Science (Applied) from McGill University. She is registered with and a member in good standing of the College of Audiologist and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO). Sue has helped clients develop their understanding, talking, social, speech and play skills. She has offered support to clients in a variety of settings: clinic, client home, daycare, and community centers. Sue worked with families to support them in finding what strategies are best suited to them and how to seamlessly work them into the family's regular day. Families have reported they feel empowered to support changes in their child following therapy.

Sue Schacter, MSc(A), SLP(C)
Speech-Language Pathologist, Reg. CASLPO
(416) 200-6159